Gunbower Estate

91ֿ Grammar is delighted to announce the acquisition of an 84-acre property, Gunbower Estate, which will provide integrated learning opportunities for students in Kindergarten through to Year 12. We are immensely grateful to the G&A Kent Charitable Trust who has made this purchase possible through a significant donation.

Experiences delivered at Gunbower Estate will complement our current Academic and Pastoral curriculum delivery and support development of transferable life skills, enhance student well-being, character development and resilience. Through exposure to the ‘real world classrooms’ at Gunbower Estate our students will further develop respect for self, others, and the environment. Additionally, students will learn more about sustainable living, local history and Indigenous cultures and practices whilst being immersed for varying durations. Endless new possibilities lay ahead for current and future students of 91ֿ Grammar through this expansion.

This is a significant moment in our School’s history, and we very much look forward to partnering with our community as we activate Gunbower Estate to support student experience.

To read more about the future of Gunbower Estate and other exciting developments within our School, visit our 2024 & Beyond booklet below.

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When will students be at Gunbower Estate?

We are currently planning for students to interact with the site during Semester 1, 2024.

How often will students be at Gunbower Estate?

We anticipate that overtime Gunbower Estate will have students on site on a very regular basis, depending on educational focus.

How far is the property from the Moama Campus?

Gunbower Estate is 41kms and approximately a 40 minute drive from Moama, ideally suited for visits of varying durations.

Will students stay overnight at Gunbower Estate?

Our long term plan is to develop immersion experiences at Gunbower Estate that will involve overnight stays in tents, and subject to council approval environmentally sustainable cabin accommodation.

How can I support the development ofGunbower Estate?

Gunbower Estate is a long-term project for our School, realised through a significantphilanthropic donation. Community partnershipsand in-kind support from businesses will assistwith the activation and future development of theproperty to support student learning.For more information, please clickhereor contact the School Business Manager, Suzanna Barry on 03 5480 5900. Alternatively, you can donate to the School Building Fund via this

If you have any questions or enquiries relating to Gunbower Estate, please email